Online Inventory Management

An inventory management system is a process for managing and locating objects or materials.

The inventory management systems rely upon barcodes, radio-frequency identification (RFID) and QR Code tags to provide automatic identification of inventory objects such as: merchandise, consumables, fixed assets, circulating tools, library books, or capital equipment.

To record an inventory transaction, the system uses a barcode scanner, QR Code scanner or RFID reader to automatically identify the inventory object, and then collects additional information from the operators via fixed terminals.

With this system one can keep track of the sales rate, inventory stack and sale information of each individual product. The inventory management system can be online and offline. They work in the same method but the offline system is confined to only one computer.

In the present era of globalization business men don’t want their system to be confined within a computer. As the world is evolving so are people’s needs. And so Cyber World IT, we are providing you with a powerful, flexible, and efficient and smooth online inventory management system that will help you to:

  • Keep track of your business
  • Keep track of your sales
  • Check status of your storage from anywhere
  • Update your stalk from anywhere
  • Get notification of stalk shortage

The applications of online inventory management system are vast. This system will add a new dimension to your business. So join the new era of business and upgrade your system to online.

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